ABA Autism

ABA Autism is an acronym for Applied Behavior Analysis. The key component to this form of treatment is the behavior.

This program provides a structured environment which focuses on appropriate behavior. Years of research have indicated that a structured environment will help Autistic children learn at a faster rate.

This program is very intense and is usually based on a 40 hours a week in a ABA environment as well as in the home. Parents and educators have to stay firm with the choices that they offer to the child.

The question is obviously: “Does this program work?” The simple answer is: “Yes!” Parents of both children and adults that are affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder will tell you that Autistic individuals hate changes. People with Autism need to know that there is a routine to follow daily. If not, they have fits. I prefer to think of them as panic attacks. It is the uncertainty of the unknown that scares them. They become very dependent on set routines.

The reason that it may not work for some families is because of the time commitment as well as having to be firm. You can use Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism or Asperger Syndrome. They will fit this program to the individual such as: ABA PDD, etc.

We suggest that you read more about this to see if it will fit your family’s needs. Here are some great resources that you can look at for ABA Autism.