Autism Treatments

There are many types of Autism treatments that are available. The effectiveness of these treatments will vary from one individual to another.

Autism Spectrum Disorder has such a wide range of levels going from low functioning Autism to Asperger Syndrome which is sometimes referred to as high functioning Autism. Please note that not all professionals seem to agree as to whether Asperger’s and high functioning Autism should be classified as being the same thing. As a result of this wide range of disorders, the impact and the effectiveness of the therapy will vary regardless if you are treating a child or an adult with Autism.

You can find plenty of information on the various forms of treatment through books and videos as well as online conferences at Autism Today . It is a very resourceful site, run by a mother who has a child with Autism.

Okay, let’s look into some of the Autism treatments that are available. You can click on a topic which will take you to another page which will describe in more details, each Autism therapy.

ABA Autism – Which stands for Applied Behavior Analysis is one of the more popular approaches to the treatment of Autism.

Autism PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System can work with or separately from ABA.

Music Therapy – Many Autistic children love this approach.

Deep Pressure and Autism - Occupational therapists recommend the deep pressure technique for individuals with Autism.

Pet Therapy and Autism - This type of therapy can prove to be quite succesful with children with Autism.

RDI - RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) is a parent based Autism therapy program developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein.

Floor Time Therapy - Floor Time Therapy was developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and is based on playing sessions on the floor.