Fragile X syndrome and symptoms

Parents often wonder if Autism and Fragile X syndrome and symptoms are the same. In many cases, Autism and FXS can share some of the same symptoms. So, what exactly is FXS, its symptoms and their association to Autism?

Fragile X is the most common inherited form of mental retardation. The X chromosome is in a fragile state. Ladies who are carriers have a strong chance of giving birth to a mentally challenged individual.

Approximately 30% of children that are affected by FXS also have Autism. Fragile X syndrome and symptoms can be similar to Autism in that individuals suffer from anxiety, learning disabilities, seizures and speech delay. They are also displaying behaviors such as rocking, spinning and unusual hand movements.

Parents of Autistic children should ask their physician to request a DNA blood test to verify if the Fragile X chromosome is present or not in their child’s DNA. While there are some factors that may cause Autism, Fragile X has been identified as the most known and common cause of Autism as of now.

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