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Autism Spectrum Disorder
If you are a parent or a professional, Autism Spectrum Disorder has a wide range of articles and resources available to help with this complex disorder.

What is Autism?
What is Autism? Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that affects the way an individual with Autism communicates with the world. It affects the way the brain processes information.
Autism Symptoms
Autism Causes
Autism Symptoms Checklist
Autistic Weight Blanket
Autistic Potty Training

Autism Treatments
There are many types of Autism treatments available including: Applied Behavior Analysis, PECS and Music Therapy. We will look at these and other forms of Autism therapy.
ABA Autism
Autism PECS
Music and Autistic Children
Deep Pressure and Autism
Pet Therapy and Autism

Autism Medication
Autism medication can sometimes be used or recommended for children or adult with ASD. What should I look for as a parent?

Activities for Autistic Children
Parent ideas for fun activities for Autistic children.

Teaching Autistic Children
Teaching Autistic children can be both rewarding and challenging. The following resources will be helpful to teachers as well as parents of children with Autism or Aspergers.

Autism Jewelry
Autism jewelry is not only beautiful but it is also used to promote the awareness of Autism. The symbol of puzzle pieces are often used in the design of Autism jewelry.
Blue Autism Bracelet
Autism Awareness Magnet
Autism T-Shirts
Autism Awareness Bracelets

What is PDD?
What is PDD? PDD consists of the Autistic Disorder, Asperger's, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Rett's Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder not othewise specified.

Aspergers Syndrome
Aspergers Syndrome is a pervasive developmental disorder which falls under Autism Spectrum Disorder. Asperger Syndrome and definition of this PDD can be found here.
Asperger Syndrome Cause

Rett's Syndrome
Rett's Syndrome is a neurological disorder primarily affecting females. Normal development takes place until 6-18 months before Rett's disorder symptoms are observed.

Fragile X syndrome and symptoms
Fragile X syndrome and symptoms have many similarities to Autism. As many as 30% of children with Fragile X have Autism.

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