Autism Awareness Magnet

The Autism awareness magnet, shaped in the form of a ribbon, has been designed specifically to be used in a car. It is very colorful and has been designed not to fade.

While the Autism magnets were designed to be used in a car so parents, teachers, aids, relatives and friends could show their support for ASD, a lot of people are not using them as well at work and at home by placing them on fridges, windows, etc. The Autism awareness magnet uses the traditional puzzle pieces symbol to help promote ASD awareness.

Family and friends often ask how they can show their support to families that are affected by the Autism spectrum disorder. You can tell them that by purchasing these wonderful magnets, they will help support the cure of Autism as a percentage of the sale is being used for further Autism research.

While they are relatively inexpensive to buy, please make sure to let them know that it is very important to display them and not to just place them in a drawer to collect dust. Bringing more awareness to ASD can only help in the long run.

The magnets are reusable, weather resistant and their dimensions are 8” long by 3 7/8” wide. The puzzle pattern of the ribbon reflects the mystery and the complexity of ASD. The different colors and shapes are representing the different families living with this disorder. The lively colors are a symbol of hope.

Help support ASD by purchasing the Autism awareness magnet .