Autism T-Shirts

Many different organizations offer Autism t-shirts for sale to help raise funds for Autism as well as bringing awareness to ASD.

Here are a couple of Autism t-shirts that are available. The first one is about Autism awareness. This shirt has a colorful ribbon with the following description.

The puzzle pattern of this ribbon reflects the mystery and complexity of Autism. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of people and families living with this disorder. The brightness of this ribbon is symbolizing hope. Hope through research and increasing awareness in people like you!

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This is the "I love someone with Autism" logo.

These shirts are made from 100% fully machine washable cotton. You can purchase these Autism t-shirts here .

A few years ago, there was a company that was selling specially designed clothing for children that explained why Autistic children may become distressed. These were created for Autistic children to wear when going in public places with their parents.

These shirts were real stress relievers for parents. Often, people have made comments to parents of Autistic children regarding their so called bad parenting.

The shirts described why the Autistic child was behaving the way they were. Unfortunately, the company offering these apparels appears to no longer be in business.

If anyone knows of a company offering similar clothing, please email us the details so we may share this with other parents.