Autistic Potty Training

For parents, the Autistic potty training stage is usually one filled with frustration and stress. Often, the normal potty training routines will not work with individuals with Autism.

ASD children who are non-verbal are equally as frustrated as their parents with their inability to communicate their needs. There are Autistic potty training books available that can be of great help for Autistic toilet training from companies that specialize in ASD.

The results that we have heard from parents are mixed. Some have had tremendous success and some have felt they have not made any progress at all.

Potty training and Autism is no different then any other issue affecting someone who has Autism. What works for one individual does not necessarily work for another.

Parents sharing ideas with one another is probably the best way of learning how to be successful with their children. There is one company on the internet that specializes in toilet training that has a forum for parents to discuss the issues involving their children. The site is not designed specifically for Autism or special needs children but the parents share many ideas that are very insightful.

The company itself has a massive inventory of products designed specifically for training ranging from dolls to portable seats to videos. You check out their site by clicking on Autistic Potty Training .

Parents, while you may feel this to be one of the most stressful times in your life, it is even harder on the child himself. There are many Autistic children who will hold in their bowel movements due to the unwanted sensation they feel. Some children will smear as well.

As you can see, there are many situations to take into consideration. Feel free to contact us or post questions on the forum at Potty Training Solutions.