Autistic Weight Blanket

Autistic weight blanket is a term used for a specially built designed blanket that either has built in weights in the blanket or strips of weights that can be added or removed to the blanket.

Individuals with the Autism disorder and Aspergers syndrome often have a need for deep pressure. The Autistic weight blanket is designed to help create pressure with different levels of weight on the individual with ASD.

The pressure created by the blanket helps to bring a calming effect and thus can help with behavioral problems as well as sleeping problems.

There are quite a few companies that now sell the blankets on the internet or if you have the time and creativity, you can make weights and Autism blankets yourself.

Definitely consult with your local ASD Society or look for suggested websites that make weight blanket by going at Autism Today.You can also find books that gives you more information concerning this type of blanket. As our Occupational therapist recommended, our son is currently using an Autistic weight blanket for our son and we were able to acquire some funding to cover the cost.

The OT recommended a trial run for two months to see if there were any benefits for our son. We closely monitored his sleep and behavioral patterns and we came to the conclusion that he was having a more solid sleep.

Our son does still wake up from time to time but we have still found a great improvement in the overall quality of his sleep.

If you can arrange to get a trial through your Occupational therapist, that would be the best way to proceed before investing some money in a blanket. The cost of the Autism blankets can vary anywhere from $100.00 to $225.00, depending on the materials you want to be used as well as the length of the blanket.

Also, the shipping costs will vary depending on the state or country you are living in at the time. Always make sure that you have some insurance on the blanket if it is being shipped to you. The last thing that you want is to wait during 2-3 months for a blanket, to be mad and find out that it was lost in the mail and having to pay for another one.