Pet Therapy and Autism

While service dogs are mostly used for Pet Therapy and Autism, dolphins and other animals can be used as well in Autism Pet Therapy.

The key is to find out in advance how well an Autistic child takes to animals. Visiting zoos, petting farms as well as friends and family that have pets will help to see if a connection is present.

Dr. Temple Grandin who is Autistic has spent the majority of her life working with animals. Her books are fascinating as she describes how she can relate to various animals.

Dr. Temple Grandin’s book "Animals in translation" shares her life as an animal scientist and how individuals with ASD can relate to how animals think and feel. If you wish to read her book, you can find it at Autism Today by clicking on Pet Therapy and Autism Autism and doing a search for Temple Grandin or "Animals in translation".

Anyone who has owned a pet can tell you how loyal and affectionate they are with people. No matter how bad of a day you had, waiting at the door, wagging its tail is the man’s best friend waiting for you. Now it’s true, your pet is anxious to see you because it is waiting to be fed or let out; however, it is very excited to see you.

A pet always seem to know when you are sick or depressed and I have yet to see one file for divorce because of irreconcilable differences. Having said that, think of the joy it can bring to someone with Autism. It will truly become their best friend.

For children with special needs, pets can help them recover from illness as well as improve their behavior. If you are looking for more information on pet therapy and Autism, you can consult with your local Autism Society Chapter or pet stores such as Petland which can provide further information as well.