RDI is a fairly new form of Autism therapy that focuses on building connections which will enable individuals with Autism to learn friendship, empathy and love.

RDI which stands for Relationship Development Intervention is a program developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein. Dr. Gutstein is highly regarded in the field of Autism and is a very much in demand speaker. The RDI Autism program was designed so that parents will feel comfortable administering the program themselves to their children.

Relationship Development Intervention is a great alternative for parents who may be reluctant to pursue ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) as an Autism therapy. The program can be implemented into every day life without involving many therapists. It is very much designed to be run by parents themselves thus enabling the parent to make a connection with their son or daughter.

Dr. Gutstein states that within 18 months of program implementation, over 70 % of children in their initial study improved their diagnosis based on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). ADOS is a test used to diagnose Autism, that has different categories in which a child is observed and then a score is recorded.

The great part of this therapy that parents like is the easy way in which this program fits into every day life. Parents find that RDI helps develop the emotional connection with their child at a whole new level.

Dr. Gutstein has written a few books which are available at Autism Today. You can do a search for RDI on their site for more information.